Envision A Peerless Early Education For Your Child

You should strive to give your kid the best, as a parent. In terms of providing the best, most rigorous attention should be paid to education aspect. This where the most important juncture of the learning curve begins, which will eventually assist in molding your child into the man or woman he  or she will be in future. Therefore it is crucial that you take the necessary pains to find a good school and enroll your child in it. With the corporate-ization of education, comes the risk of sub standardization of education institutes (they sprout everywhere giving way such doubts). Parents need to be weary of such places. Not only could such places be intellectually damning to your child, but in so many other ways.  It is important therefore that you don’t rush to embrace the first place that you come across with open arms for the sheer sake of convenience (thus could be the most damning risk of them all). You need to do your field work; you are expected to assess the suitability of the place in question as a prospective learning environment for your child.

What do I do?

The best way to assess the above is to go through the curriculum. International primary school Hong Kong are all the rage these days. There seems to be one round every corner. The question is, are all of these institutes truly ‘international’ in relation to its curriculum and related activities? This is something the parents should take to heart and investigate. Such schools tend to charge a fee comparatively higher when a regular school is concerned: is the charges factor rightly balanced against the quality and productivity factors? It is quite literally a comprehensive and creative curriculum for 4 to 12 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with exact predefined learning goals that promote international mindedness and self-learning. You are allowed to enquire whether your primary school of choice too has this IPC, or whether it practices a similar or more advanced one.

This is the truth, as it is

The truth is that nobody is there to redeem you after you essentially land on your backside following a series of grave errors of judgment and action. It is too late, far too late. You need to think of your child first before you worry about trivia such as distance, convenience and money (especially the latter). If you are worried about the money why bother putting a child into one of the good international primary schools at all?

Why bother getting him or her enrolled in any such place? Home-schooling the child would be a better option if you are ready to give up on your child’s prospects by pushing him to random place you picked out off of a brochure, as a magician would pick a rabbit out of a hat?